Lucky Ohworode IDIKE 2023 Delta State Governorship Manifesto

Lucky Ohworode IDIKE 2023 Delta State Governorship Manifesto

Taking Delta to Greater HEIGHTS
A Radical Transformation of the Big Heart
Blueprint of the
March 2022


My Proposal
❖After many years of leading, prayer and consultation, I have taken the decision to
run for the Office of the Governor of Delta State. I believe without
equivocation that the good Lord has
prepared me for this.
❖I bring a big, bold and radical vision of a
ONE Delta. A vision for radical transformation that we can see by standing on the shoulders of the Giants who have gone before us.
A United, Inclusive State with equitable development that sets the pace for Nigeria.
ONE Delta that provides • Hope: Education,
Infrastructure, Healthcare • Opportunities: Jobs,
Empowerment, Capacity
• Prosperity: Wealth
Creation and Distribution • Equity: Fairness and
• Safety: Peace, Security
and Harmony
Core Values that will characterize our Government:
• Collaboration
• Accessibility of leaders • Learning and
• Value Creation by Intra
and Entrepreneurship • Excellence, Empathy
and Compassion
• Service with Humility
• I bring a capacity and willingness to serve and to learn. An ability to dream and execute. A sound knowledge of development economics, markets and a global network that I fully intend to leverage for the benefit of our state.
• Our ambitions are tall, but our strategies will bring our lofty ambitions to fruit in Delta.
• Please walk with me as I share a helicopter view of our strategies for ONE Delta.


The earlier part of the preceding years was a time of political upheaval: coming straight from the tumultuous years of military rule. This period required the delicate melding of different ethnicities, confidence-building and “agreement reaching”. All these resulted in the forging of the most politically stable state in the federation.
A state where a rotational system of leadership has been meticulously developed, collectively agreed to and is today fiercely adhered to.
This initial period has now come full circle, and we are about to birth a new age: the Age of “Transformational Growth”.
As we birth this new age in the most challenging period of human history, dealing with a global medico-economic crisis exacerbated by a military crisis in Europe and further compounded by Nigeria’s domestic challenges, it is clear that Delta State needs vibrant and visionary leadership for this new cycle. Young, visionary, clear thinking, result-oriented leaders who have love and empathy for the people and the capacity to innovate and do much with little.

5 Critical Pillars to drive the Age of Transformation
Delta 2050
Our first initiative upon assumption of office will be to launch the Delta State Vision 2050 program.
This initiative will help us reach out and engage all Deltans, and together craft a vision for the Delta we want to see in 2050.
It is very important to note that Delta 2050 will be entirely digital to drive cost savings on this exercise.
This will help restore a sense of civic responsibility in Deltans. Blueprint is expected to be completed in first six months
Institution of a police fund for the improvement of the equipment and service condition and environment of police officers in Delta State.
Leverage technology to improve intelligence and crime-fighting.
Set up a bereavement fund to cater for families of Police officers fallen on duty in Delta, for Deltans. This fund will provide scholarships, income support.
Enhance security infrastructure by building the capacity of vigilante associations within a community policing framework.
Create a collaborative framework with neighboring states.
Collaborate with the Electricity Regulatory Commission and private sector investors to improve electricity generation through a combination of captive, embedded, and off-grid generation.
Encourage private investors to explore renewable energy sources in expanding our energy mix to provide cheap energy.
Source grants and other non- commercial funding from DFIs and donor organizations.
Delta Learns
Delta Learns is an online platform that provides training and capacity development on various topics, including vocational skills.
Training will enable the development of trending skills and help Deltans move with the global markets. Deploy Delta Learns in conjunction with a private sector operator.
Training Courses to be free or affordable and data light.
Improve internet availability in the state through private sector involvement
Digitize all government operations within 2 years. Deploying a Document Management System to increase IGR, system, people and process efficiency.
Move commerce online using secure proprietary platforms to increase the reach and scope of Deltan SMEs.
Roll out blended learning across all educational institutions, using Delta Learns.

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
Approach the funding conundrum from 3 perspectives:
➢ Increase the share of the state’s budget for Healthcare.
➢ Work to triple the number of enrollees under the Private and Informal health plans of the Delta State Contributory
Healthcare Scheme through various Associations and partner with HMOs to expand the scope of the Delta State
Contributory Healthcare Scheme.
➢ Develop and exploit relationships with DFIs and Not For Profits including religious organizations to increase their
participation in actualizing our goal, especially at the primary health care level.
Upgrade infrastructure, improve working conditions and benefits to attract new personnel to improve service delivery, especially at the Primary Healthcare level.
Develop one tertiary hospital in Delta South and Delta North to complement the teaching hospital in Delta Central and increase the number of primary healthcare centres to improve the Doctor-Patient ratio.
Deploy a robust and comprehensive medical management system to manage the healthcare system.
Expand programmes to include vulnerable groups like the elderly and people living with disabilities.
Expand lifestyle change campaigns that promote the prevention of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart-related and other life-threatening illnesses, etc.
Explore mobile clinics in major markets to serve as the first point of medical assistance.
The goal is to provide access to quality healthcare for all residents of Delta as outlined in United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 for the year 2015 – 2030. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 [Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-being for all at all Ages] has the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as one of its key deliverables. The challenges include infrastructure, personnel and funding. Our strategy builds on the successes of the Okowa administration in this area.

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
Use Delta Learns to digitize capacity development for teachers and students. Leverage global faculty. Cut costs.
Upgrade old schools and develop new schools using cheaper modular technology
Improve the prestige and motivation of teachers through better infrastructure, welfare and training Ensure education inclusion by improving enrolment and retention of special needs students in schools
Engage Volunteers to provide extra tuition, cover teacher shortages and capacity development. Review curricula at all levels to provide functional education for the digital age. Emphasize problem- solving mindset, especially in ICT.
Deepen and formalize partnerships between the Church, Private Sector, Alumni Associations and the State in the provision of education in the state
Grow our tertiary institutions with a focus on technology. Remember the Indian Tech Universities. Increase autonomy and orient them to provide research, consulting and capacity development for public and private institutions.
Use scholarships to ensure equity, motivate and inspire. Means test if necessary.
Education Transformation and a human capital development program for civil servants will form a pillar of our development drive in Delta State. This will guarantee a sustainable and prosperous future for all Deltans.
We will work towards 90% enrolment and literacy rates in Delta while providing affordable and competitive Basic Education for all. We will also build upon the ongoing expansion of formal and Technical/Vocational Education in Delta.

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
Continue the expansion of the current road network begun by the Okowa Administration, paying attention to internal link roads that open new areas for commerce and other activities.
Introduce and support a safe cycle culture to improve health, reduce dependence on fuel engines and traffic and pollution.
Road transport reform through energy-saving streetlights, traffic signages and volunteer traffic marshals to reduce traffic at hotspot locations.
Transitioning of the tri-cycle system to a mini-bus system utilizing green energy solutions for fuel and mechanical operations
Create a state-wide database for effective policy design and implementation; this will involve exploring the possible disbursement of Resident or business owners’ Cards in the state.
Improve access to potable water.
Integrate water transportation into existing transport infrastructure, especially between Anambra and Delta. Ensure key assets
Deploy new technology such as Submar Geotextile materials or Macrebur Plastic Roads to improve road stability, reduce construction and maintenance costs and increase lifespan.
Infrastructure is the lifeblood of a growing economy. For maximum effectiveness, hard infrastructure like power plants, buildings and roads must be complemented with soft infrastructures like maintenance and safety culture, software and people skills. We will deal with Transport Infrastructure in this section: Roads, Water, Air, Bicycle. Transport links make new markets for inputs and products accessible, improve the talent pool for labour and improves commerce and industry. Regular maintenance, proper use and safe driving on roads reduces transport costs, saves lives, cuts travel time and improves business and social connections.

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
It will be necessary to implement reforms aimed at enhancing the capacity and efficiency of DTSG to face the current challenges. Reforms will be people-focused, designed to ensure that everyone is better off.
Government reforms will focus on the 3Ps.
People: Civil Service & Political Appointees
Processes: Lead the transition to a Technology-enabled government and enhanced Delivery of Government Services
Policies: Review ALL policies to enhance the government’s ability to perform its obligations to stakeholders
Introduction of Governor’s Advisory Council. Novel attempts to harness the institutional memory and legacy skills and knowledge of elder statesmen and senior politicians. The GAC will be organized into groups at 3 different levels to provide counsel to the Governor and the state senior management team.
Council of governors: To be chaired by a past Governor
Council of commissioners: To work with ministries and be supported by the head of the service and other senior civil servants
Council of senior civil servants
Introduction of a one-stop PPP Agency focused on driving PPP arrangements between DTSG, Development Finance Institutions and other investors, Emphasis will be on driving socially responsible and impact investing

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
Asaba like many other cities in Delta suffers from several housing and urban planning challenges. These cities have great potential for renewal and regeneration if urgent attention is invested in transforming them into beautiful, well set out, functional and properly serviced towns and cities. The provision of affordable housing for Deltans in well laid out towns and cities will instill a sense of pride in the owners and help reduce insecurity and communal strife.
Our major strategy is to make Delta attractive for real estate development, leveraging the growing demand for housing and commercial units in Asaba and environs because of the calm, serenity and security in Delta.
Work with Town Planners to identify problems, articulate solutions and update Building regulations and codes.
Work with developers to create luxury estates, possibly around the beaches at Cable point and other areas and use proceeds to fund green mass housing.
Partner with international organizations and developers to access land and long-term, low-interest housing funds to develop housing projects across the state’s three senatorial districts.
Develop new cities from scratch ensuring compliance with updated building regulations and codes. Emphasis will be on energy-efficient green cities relying massively on renewable energy. Application of ancient and modern building technologies to reduce the cost of construction, cost of cooling and cost of maintenance.
Continue the renewal and regeneration drive of the Okowa administration, transforming slums into decent environments
Solicit individual and community participation in these renewal and regeneration programmes for success and sustainability.

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
Work with communities to develop and promote festivals to increase the local and international appeal and recognition
Leverage key assets like vibrant comedic genius in Warri, the blossoming Asaba Film Industry, the Delta Film Village, the beachfront tourism potential along the Ethiope and Niger Rivers, the rich cultural heritage sites and the warm hospitality of our people to transform Delta into an attractive destination for local and international tourist.
Document, preserve, refurbish, and promote our cultural heritage. Support the development of a souvenir industry to boost tourism.
Collaborate with tourism practitioners, Nollywood and the music industry to grow and develop our tourism industry.
Leverage Delta Learns to help embed a culture of customer service and other required skills Digitize cultural assets to promote global marketing.
In 2018, Nigerian tourism revenue reached US$2 billion. We will explore the untapped potential of the tourism industry in Delta State. This will further aid in diversifying our IGR while promoting local businesses involved in the industry. It goes without saying that Security, Energy and indeed all our 5 Transformation Initiatives will drive progress here and indeed every other sector.

Taking Delta to greater H-E-I-G-H-T-S
Create SME Hubs in industrial parks to facilitate the growth and development of SMEs. The hubs will provide access to machinery, capacity building, raw materials and more. Hubs will help improve products to international standards and promote synergies and collaborations across disciplines. SME hubs will catalyze various industries: FinTech, Coding, Entertainment, Wood and Furniture, Agro-Allied (Rubber, Palm, Cassava processing), Garments and more.
Government will buy local as far as possible to support industrial growth.
Look to revive moribund industries such as the Summit Furniture Factory where practicable.
Upgrade The Pointer newspaper. Grow it into a successful international paper.
Leverage the commercial sagacity of the Southeasterners to build the largest trading facility on this side of the Niger River This market will complement the Asaba cargo airport and other government initiatives.
Grant PAYE tax relief to companies who meet established criteria.
Partner with Central Bank, Banks, DFIs and Not-for-Profits to provide funding options to SMEs.
Provide e-learning capacity development opportunities for Business owners on the Delta E-Learning platform. Provide an online marketing platform to enable Deltans to reach a global market with credibility.
Develop Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLAs) programs for micro-SMEs using cooperative societies as the operating mechanism.
The SME sector of the economy is the highest employer of labour, the engine room of any economy and key to unlocking the economic potential of Delta. The Okowa administration had done a tremendous job building the micro-economy by setting up thousands of entrepreneurs in different sectors through Project GEST, STEP, YAGEP and more.
Our goal will be to give them wings to fly, so they can do better and reach further. We will do this by growing the macro-economy and giving SMEs access to capacity development, equity investors, debt funding, new markets, cutting edge technology and raw materials.

Power of Ideas.
“Nothing else in the world…not all the armies…is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” –
While the development program for launching Delta state into the new Age of “Transformational Growth” will involve much more than has been highlighted here, I strongly believe that taking Delta to Greater HEIGHTS will set us on the very surest footing for the massive scope of development our state deserves.
The transformation of Delta state, leveraged on the foundational efforts of our legendary governors – Chief James Ibori, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, and Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, is an idea whose time has come.
The only thing more powerful than an idea whose time has come is the people who give power to the idea!
Victor Hugo, The Future of Man.


• Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
• B.Sc. Economics (2nd Class Upper) UNILAG.
• King’s College Lagos
• Avid reader and seasoned public speaker
• Embarked on various grassroots project for church, Clients and self.
• LAGOS: Beth Tzadekah Shelter for Women, Kuramo Medical Mission, , Makoko Covid Palliative Distribution
• OSUN: DATA Foundation Ere Rural Community Transformation Initiative
• DELTA: Member, Governing Council Western Delta University, Oghara, Igun Covid Palliative Distribution, Igun Annual Christmas Food Bank, Igun Anglican Church Rebuilding Project
• Audit, Financial Advisory and Strategy • Trading
• Fashion Retail
• Fast food
• • •
Change Projects approved by HE:
• Initiated and led team which curated the 2021
Orientation/ Induction Programmes for Political
• Initiated the transition to official DTSG email addresses.
• Served on a number of DTSG Committees
• Represented the Chief of Staff at some official functions
• Appointed to the FGN National Textile Policy Review Committee in 2017/8.
• Drew up and presented the Fashion Industry Expansion Initiative to the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.
• Member, Lagos State Economic Summit Working Group under Ben Akabueze.
• Member, Federal Ministry of Education Taskforce (PPP Design and Implementation) under Dr. Oby Ezekwesili.
• Consultant, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs supporting Director Community and Youth Development on the Niger-Delta Amnesty Programme under Dr Dere Awosika.
Great relationship management skills Integrity and disciplined
Emotionally Intelligent

I offer myself to serve and pledge to leave Delta significantly better than I meet it.

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