“We can’t afford to die in silence never” – Travellers groan over deplorable state of Akure-Ado road

“We can’t afford to die in silence never” – Travellers groan over deplorable state of Akure-Ado road

The deplorable state of the Akure-Ado expressway is worrisome, as the road users complain their unsettling experiences on the expressway.

This road which holds huge economic importance to both states has been left to rot, as administrators seemed to have abandoned it.

The last time the road received significant upgrade and repair was in the year 2017, as part of the preparations for the burial of Gen. Adebayo.

The burial saw many dignitaries visit Ekiti state via the Akure route, and many residents had hoped for a repeat this year.

But their hopes where dashed when VP Yemi Osinbajo opted to fly over the bad roads in a chopper, an act significant of a leader ignoring the pains of the people.

Frustrated residents, motorists and commuters have now taken to the express to protest the poor state of the road, which has continued to aid the activities of criminals engaging in kidnappings and killings while many lives have been lost to accidents.

The residents under the aegis of Great Patriot for Better Initiative (GPBI), led by Mr. Niyi Majofodun, called the Federal Government to revoke the project from the contractors as a matter of urgency, saying: “It is on record that killings, kidnappings, robbery, rape and terrible motor accidents have become uncontrollable on the Akure–Ado Ekiti road.

“We cannot afford to die in silence; we want to strongly appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to please look into this matter as a matter of urgency. We also express our displeasure at the manner in which the Director-General of BPP awarded the road.

“Mr. President should not allow his name to be dragged into the mud on this matter since he has performed his constitutional right by awarding the contract and subsequently mobilising the contractors. Therefore, he must ensure his directive is complied with and carried out.

“The contract should be revoked to save the lives of the road ushers. The road is expected to be delivered within 30 months of award and up till now no sophisticated equipment is seen on ground.”

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